Weedy Weekday I

It’s time for another Weedy Weekday! This is an extremely intermittent series of blog posts that used to appear on the old blog. I think it’s pretty self-explanatory: weeds. On a weekday. So without further ado…

Cyclamen hederifolium

Weedy weekday cyclamen

This is in fact one of three cyclamen seedlings I have found in the greenhouse. The one in the picture has the most ornately patterned leaf, hence it making it to the exalted heights of Weedy Weekday. Although it isn’t really that weedy in many senses of the word, it is in the wrong place. It speaks to some poor life choices that it has decided to grow somewhere I regularly walk over. I had to relegate it to ‘weed’ category purely for it’s own safety. Despite it’s borderline existence as a weed, it certainly is on a weekday for at least five sevenths of it’s life.

Pseudofumaria lutea (Yellow Corydalis)

weedy weekday yellow corydalis

This plant featured in the first post on this site and here I am presenting it for Weedy Weekday. In my defence, I did say in that post that it puts itself where it pleases, and here it has done exactly that by appearing in a rather unhelpful place in the greenhouse. Again, it is not alone: there are another two yellow corydalis lurking in the corners to keep it company. Despite probably best being described as a weed in this particular situation, I have been rather magnanimous in letting it and it’s friends live. This particular specimen has a real partied-too-hard-Christmas kind of vibe: all withered stems and snail trails, but fear not dear reader, it’ll soon be showing signs a verdant recovery.

That’s all for today’s Weedy Weekday. Interestingly, both plants featured in today’s post rely on myrmecochory (using ants for seed dispersal) which, as it happens, is the topic of an upcoming post. See you there.

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