Tree Following – September 2021

On a bright, sunny Sunday morning, I headed over to Rookery Park to take a look at the Avenue of Lime Trees for this month’s Tree Following. Personally, I don’t think September is necessarily the marker of the onset of autumn, but this particular morning certainly felt that way. The temperature was mild, despite the air cooling enough overnight to create a light dew on the ground. The days are getting shorter now, the sun lower in the sky, and the light had an orange hue that picked up any autumnal colours beginning to show in the trees.

Tree Following

The Avenue

The Avenue as a whole is beginning to look a little less verdant and a touch more tired:

Tree Following Avenue Lime Trees

The leaves are showing a little bit of damage from the year’s efforts…


…and the continuous rain of honeydew from the aphids has led to an accumulation of black mould on most of the leaves:

Tree Following Leaves

As the trees prepare for for the winter and beyond, you can see the the buds have already formed for next spring:


All that’s left for the trees to do is to toughen up those stems and drop their leaves. Then they’ll be ready to patiently sit out the winter.


Since my last visit, the seeds that were hanging abundantly in pairs have been shed. The ground is littered with bracts, seeds and a few old leaves:

Fallen leaves tree following

Presumably, some of the seeds will have been carried away on the wind, but many of them didn’t make it very far at all, and are lounging around at the base of the trees.

Faces and Odds and Ends

There is, of course, some more artwork to display:

grumpy face

It looks pretty disgruntled to me; perhaps it’s the growth that’s appeared just next to his eye that is bothering him. In a slightly regrettable turn of fortunes, I think we might have run out of faces: for the next three months, we’ll be bereft of these funny fellows! All good things come to an end.

My wanderings were accompanied by the constant busyness of squirrels furtling around in the leaf litter and running around in the canopy.


Considering how tenacious they can be in gardens, the squirrels I encountered were fairly wary of my presence so I didn’t manage to get very close to them. Living in a public park, they’ve probably learnt to be cautious around people because they’re so often accompanied by dogs.

Here’s a quick photo to show the effects of the low sun:

long shadow

That’s all for this month – thanks for reading! My Tree Following adventures are part of a wider group of Tree Following folks who convene over at the SquirrelBasket. Do pop over and take a look.

Tree Following


7 thoughts on “Tree Following – September 2021”

  1. Such a cute squirrel.

    Where I live squirrels are rather cautious around people even when they live in towns and villages. The squirrels have this habit that whenever they see a human they try to scare this irritating large creature off by making themselves as big as possible and stomping on the tree stem with all four feet. Unfortunately for the squirrels that just makes them even more cute and attractive to humans…

    1. That’s brilliant – unfortunately we don’t get that entertaining behaviour here! Squirrels can be very bold in gardens, most commonly while trying to raid bird feeders.

  2. I love your images of the golden rays of the low sun. The days are definitely getting shorter.
    I wonder if that sticky black stuff washes off the leaves if it rains or if it makes no difference.
    Good observation of next year’s buds.
    That face should cheer up – eyebrow piercings are very fashionable…
    All the best 🙂

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