Tree Following – October 2021

This month’s Tree Following marked a departure from my usual routine: instead of rising with the sun on Sunday morning and heading straight down to Rookery Park, I stayed in bed. I thoroughly enjoyed being in bed but it did leave me with a deficit of tree photos. To solve the problem, I took the whole family on an afternoon Tree Following expedition in the autumn sunshine.

The Avenue

tree following avenue

As you can see, there were quite a few people out and about which was a significant change from the odd dog walker I usually see on my early morning travels. In fact Rookery Park was pretty busy with families young and old, groups of well behaved youths, people taking their daily constitutionals and such. The Avenue of Limes is starting to take on a few autumnal hints, although you can’t really tell from the picture above.

Leaves and Stems

The leaves are yellowing in places and generally bearing the battle scars of a year’s worth of living:

Last month I noticed that next year’s buds were starting to be formed.

Tree Following buds

They continue to sort develop and ready themselves for the oncoming season.

Tree Following buds

Other Things

As I mentioned, it was a whole family Tree Following. Here’s a couple of photos of one of my assistants Pointing and Finding Things:

The main Things of Interest were the various lichens and fungi that were growing on fallen branches and twigs.

All in all, it was a pretty successful trip. We didn’t find any bears, which was apparently one of the things we were looking for, but apart from that everyone enjoyed themselves.

At this point, I regret to inform you that I have run out of tree faces. I thought there would be enough to stretch through the whole year; unfortunately not! Perhaps I’ll do a round up in the final month.

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Tree Following

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5 thoughts on “Tree Following – October 2021”

  1. What a wonderful outing, with your kids! And it’s nice to see others out enjoying the beautiful day.

  2. Excellent! It’s always great to visit a familiar spot at a different time of day – especially when the sunshine illuminates the trees from a different direction.
    And nice to have company!
    All the best 🙂

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