Tree Following – March 2021

Hello and welcome to another Tree Following! To find out more about said Following, click on the image below, whereupon you will be transported to Squirrelbasket’s website and all will become clear.

For my part, I paid another visit to our avenue of Lime trees in Rookery Park.

The Avenue

You can compare and contrast with last month’s post, but to my eyes, not much has changed. Firstly, here’s the wider view:

tree following avenue

Next, a close up of the shiny red buds:


The buds might have swollen slightly since last time, but not significantly enough to make an impression.

As I ambled down the avenue, I noticed that in addition to the lichen on the trunks of the trees, there was a bit of moss too. The further you go (walking away from the camera in the top photo), the more moss there is. Presumably this is because the trees down the far end are little more sheltered, and the moisture levels are a touch higher.

Tree following mossy bark

The Face

I’m sure you’ll remember that one significant feature of the avenue is the selection of faces painted on the trunks of the trees. Here is this month’s choice:

Tree following weird face

This is the first face so far to feature any colour, giving it a particularly evil-looking menace. The slightly lopsided chin brings Sylvester Stallone to mind: Adriaan!!

Having said that, those sharp pointy teeth, aren’t particularly Rocky-esque.

The Park

Taking a view of the park in general, there are some rather pretty areas with bulbs planted in the grass. The Crocuses in particular seem very at home, and have taken over a large area on the far side of the park.


They’ve been a bit trampled on here and there, but the overall effect is still still very nice indeed.

That’s about it for this today’s Tree Following. Do subscribe if you want to be kept up to date with Tree Following and the various other bits and bobs that are going on here. I’ll leave you with some sunny Daffodils.


8 thoughts on “Tree Following – March 2021”

    1. They’re cheerful things aren’t they! The weather’s been a bit peculiar here, so some things are a bit earlier than usual.

  1. I really like this avenue of trees with the surprise of faces on one side.
    The buds are like little jewels, garnets maybe. Don’t think I have ever looked closely at lime buds; I’ll have to seek them out!

  2. Sorry I’m late with the comments this time!
    Lovely post – I like the way you have arranged it.
    Lime certainly has plenty of roughness on its bark to encourage moss and lichen.
    When you said faces I expected those faces you think you see in patterns of knots etc, not painted faces! Rather demonic, this one…
    All the best 🙂

    1. No worries, and thanks!

      Yes, the faces are pretty weird! There are enough for each month of the year, so I’ll put a different one on every post.

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