Tree following

Tree Following – August 2021

It’s Tree Following time again and our Avenue of Lime Trees has been busy. Those jolly little flowers that we were admiring last month have started turning into fruit. Before we continue, here’s a look at The Avenue from the usual vantage point: All things considered, it looks pretty similar to last time; a little

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Tree Following – June 2021

It’s difficult to believe that it has already been a month since the last Tree Following. Even more hard to fathom, is that we’re into the sixth month of following our Avenue of Lime Trees. Without further ado: Leaves and Flowers I’ll start with a couple of comparisons between January and June (not from exactly

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Tree Following – April 2021

At the crack of dawn on a rather moody looking Easter Monday, I stumbled, bleary eyed, down to Rookery Park for this month’s Tree Following (previous Tree Followings are available here, here and here). Upon reaching my destination, the park was completely deserted. Even in the early mornings, there are usually a few dog walkers

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Tree Following – March 2021

Hello and welcome to another Tree Following! To find out more about said Following, click on the image below, whereupon you will be transported to Squirrelbasket’s website and all will become clear. For my part, I paid another visit to our avenue of Lime trees in Rookery Park. The Avenue You can compare and contrast

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