Dicentra formosa

Six on Saturday 5th March

Hello and welcome to a long overdue Six on Saturday. What with one thing and another I haven’t been able to get my act together, the result being several week’s absence. This also means that there’s much to report on; spring has perhaps not sprung, but it has had a little peep round the corner. […]

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Six on Saturday 24th July

Good morning! It’s been a bit warm this week, to say the least. The garden is starting to look a little bit cooked, but there’s rain on the way over the weekend; hopefully that will keep everything ticking over for the time being. Last week I commenced my Six on Saturday by showing some shots

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Corydalis and Dicentra flowers

I have repeatedly stated that Corydalis and Dicentra are closely related (and form either the family Fumariaceae, or the subfamily Fumarioideae, depending on who you ask). This may leave you asking many questions, such as “Are you sure?”, “How so?”, and “Can you leave me alone?”. While Dicentra and Corydalis flowers may look dissimilar, they

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Six on Saturday 3rd April

Once again, The Propagator leads us headlong into another Six on Saturday. As an Easter Treat, I’m replacing the first item on my list with a video. I hope you can forgive me for starting in such a contrary manner… 1. A Video Introduction Well that was jolly. 2. Alpine Garden Society – Rock Plants

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Dicentra ‘Aurora’

It’s that time of year: the Dicentras are beginning to emerge after their winter nap, and Dicentra ‘Aurora’ is no exception. Unlike it’s Disney©® Ltd. namesake, Dicentra ‘Aurora’ does not owe it’s identity primarily to it’s tendency to sleep. Neither does it await salvation by a stranger, to awaken it from it’s slumber. Indeed, it

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