Six on Saturday 9th October

Good morning and welcome to another Six on Saturday. As usual, I am joining with The Propagator and chums in showing Six things from the garden on a Saturday. It’s all a bit last minute this week, so without further ado: 1. Hylotelephium (or Sedum) I featured this delight back in September, along with a […]

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Six on Saturday 1st May

Goodness gracious, it’s Six on Saturday time again! The main event of the week has been the arrival of some rain. It’s slowly starting to re-saturate the completely parched soil, and we’re in for plenty more rain over the next week. The Propagator will be hosting many more people who comment obsessively on the weather,

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Weedy Weekday I

It’s time for another Weedy Weekday! This is an extremely intermittent series of blog posts that used to appear on the old blog. I think it’s pretty self-explanatory: weeds. On a weekday. So without further ado… Cyclamen hederifolium This is in fact one of three cyclamen seedlings I have found in the greenhouse. The one

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