Corydalis tubers

Signs of life

Both botanically and bloggily, signs of life have been sighted. Here in the world of blogging, you are the sighter and this post is the sign. Out in the garden, Corydalis ledebouriana is the sign and I am the sighter. Upon reflection, I’m very pleased to be both a sign and a sighter of life.

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Poor Uprooted Old Thing

It’s been a little while since I’ve written anything; Christmas has a tendency to envelop and consume all other activities at this time of year. Outside of work hours the weekdays have been dark, and the weekends have been filled with various seasonal Bits and Bobs. The end result is an almost total neglect of

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Roots: an Appendix

Last week’s rootling around left one rather significant stone unturned: Corydalis tubers. A significant number of the Corydalis genus form tubers of some description to see them through the hard times. For many of them these hard times mean the searingly hot summers and witheringly cold winters of Eastern Europe and Central Asia; really only

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Corydalis Disaster!

On Sunday morning I toddled up the garden to check on how everything was doing. It turned out that I am not the only creature that takes an interested in my Corydalis. Less than amused was I, to discover that some sort of devilish brute had disentombed my plants. In fact I was flippin’ furious.

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Corydalis Tubers

Most of the tuberous Corydalis have headed back underground for the year. A notable exception is Corydalis vittae, which dances to it’s own tune and is still in seed production mode. My focus is now turning more and more to the Dicentras and herbaceous Corydalis. The Dicentras are in fine fettle, and the Corydalis are

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