Corydalis solida

Corydalis Things

Blimey! Possibly even Gadzooks! for the Tintin aficionados amongst you. Spring has pounced upon the dozily slumbering garden with the glee of a toddler jumping on their hungover parents’ bed. It seems to have come round earlier than usual this year but after perusing photos of previous years I’m not sure this is the case. […]

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Early risers

The following was written in early February: Outside in the garden, as opposed to inside in the greenhouse where those prima donnas from section Leonticoides dwell, there are flowers beginning to appear. The tuberous members of the genus have been slowly heading upwards since the autumn, biding their time before shooting above ground in early

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Corydalis Tubers

Most of the tuberous Corydalis have headed back underground for the year. A notable exception is Corydalis vittae, which dances to it’s own tune and is still in seed production mode. My focus is now turning more and more to the Dicentras and herbaceous Corydalis. The Dicentras are in fine fettle, and the Corydalis are

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Six on Saturday 20th March

Why hello there, it’s Six on Saturday time again! This week, I am particularly pushed for time: work, self-imposed decorating deadlines and such. As a result, this is going to be quite brief. More photos, less chit-chat; a Six on Saturday in it’s purest form. For a more immersive SoS experience, head over to The

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