Corydalis paczoskii

Corydalis paczoskii

The titular Corydalis has been up and about for a few weeks now, flailing around in the exceptionally stormy weather that the second half of February has brought. Since it’s been living with me here in Birmingham, Corydalis paczoskii has always been an early riser; it obviously doesn’t mind taking it’s chances with Ol’ Blighty’s …

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Six on Saturday 5th February

Good morning and welcome to this week’s Six on Saturday! As per usual, I am joining with The Propagator and chums in showing six things from the garden for your delectation and pleasure. The main news of the week is that the mild weather we’ve been having of late has encouraged the early Corydalis to …

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Six on Saturday 20th March

Why hello there, it’s Six on Saturday time again! This week, I am particularly pushed for time: work, self-imposed decorating deadlines and such. As a result, this is going to be quite brief. More photos, less chit-chat; a Six on Saturday in it’s purest form. For a more immersive SoS experience, head over to The …

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