Corydalis malkensis

Six on Saturday 20th March

Why hello there, it’s Six on Saturday time again! This week, I am particularly pushed for time: work, self-imposed decorating deadlines and such. As a result, this is going to be quite brief. More photos, less chit-chat; a Six on Saturday in it’s purest form. For a more immersive SoS experience, head over to The …

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Corydalis malkensis

Corydalis malkensis is one of the more obliging, and horticulturally respected of the tuberous Corydalis. Diminutive in size, but profuse in flower, itโ€™s elegance belies itโ€™s ease of cultivation. Horticultural Accolades This Corydalis originally hails from that treasure trove of bulb forming plants, The Caucasus, with the species being named after the Malka River, in …

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Six on Saturday 13th February

It’s been a chilly old week, but here’s something to warm the cockles of your heart: it’s Six on Saturday time. Before warming your hands on the gently glowing embers below, why not go and singe your eyebrows off on the veritable furnace of Sixes over at The Propagator. I’ll start with some General Garden …

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