Corydalis linstowiana

Roots: Dicentras and Corydalis

We; gardeners, amateur botanists, plant enthusiasts; spend much of our time waxing lyrical about the various merits of various plants. Flowers get the most attention, leaves and foliage next, stems and bark and seeds and seed heads come lower down on the scale, often featuring as little more than curiosities. Roots very rarely figure at […]

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Corydalis linstowiana

Should you, like me, be lost in the wormhole that is the Corydalis genus, might I suggest that you join me in the sub-wormhole of biennial Corydalis. Amongst the biennials I grow: C. heterocarpa, a showy yellow number; C. ophiocarpa, a curious and unusual thing; and then the hidden gem that is Corydalis linstowiana. I

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We’re in the middle of an absolute scorcher of a week here in Birmingham (and elsewhere). Much has been made of the fact that we’ve been served an Amber weather warning for heat, but it ought to be noted that weather warnings for heat were only brought in as recently as June. As I’ve been

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Midsummer goings on

The Summer Solstice came and went earlier this week without much fanfare: overcast and distinctly cooler, the extent of the daylight hours didn’t really register. Despite the meteorological lack of lustre this midsummer, the garden is heading onwards with both vim and vigour. There’s no real theme to this post, just a few thoughts. Corydalis

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