Adlumia fungosa

Six on Saturday 2nd October

Welcome to another Six on Saturday! As usual, I am joining with The Propagator and chums in posting six photos of six things, on a Saturday. The petrol stations have been dry, but the gardens have been wet this week. Although it’s been a little soggy, the garden really needed the rain. Hopefully it will […]

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Six on Saturday 14th August

Why hello there! After last week’s holiday, and Six on Saturday sabbatical, I return refreshed and renewed. I was deeply, deeply concerned that during my five day’s absence, the garden might have withered and perished. Mightily relieved was I, to find that things were pretty much the same as I’d left them. Gazing upon my

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We’re in the middle of an absolute scorcher of a week here in Birmingham (and elsewhere). Much has been made of the fact that we’ve been served an Amber weather warning for heat, but it ought to be noted that weather warnings for heat were only brought in as recently as June. As I’ve been

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