Six on Saturday 5th February

Good morning and welcome to this week’s Six on Saturday! As per usual, I am joining with The Propagator and chums in showing six things from the garden for your delectation and pleasure. The main news of the week is that the mild weather we’ve been having of late has encouraged the early Corydalis to get moving. More on that shortly…

1. Oxalis convexula

Six on saturday oxalis convexula

Two weeks ago I featured this character but with it’s bud a-clos├ęd. This week it decided to open itself up; what a cheery little thing it has turned out to be!

2. Corydalis solida ‘Purple Beauty’

six on saturday corydalis purple beauty

I’ve had my eye on this one for a couple of weeks: it was the first to emerge, as it so often is, and has been slowly but surely growing along.

3. Corydalis paczoskii

six on saturday corydalis paczoskii

While I was busy watching ‘Purple Beauty’, the Corydalis in the garden have snuck up out of nowhere. The first I saw of this one was as you see it now: just coming into flower. I had previously scoured the area but seen no sign of it. Expected or not, I’m glad to see it; the first Corydalis flower of the year! The photo doesn’t quite do it justice; I was battling with the low afternoon sun. There are also the first signs of growth from C. integra and C. solida ‘Purple Beauty’ (outside as opposed to the previous one in the greenhouse).

4. Snowdrops

six on saturday snowdrops

These Snowdrops have come into flower a bit later than the doubles (pictured below). I mentioned before that the doubles seem to flower earlier and for longer, but I do like the simplicity of these single flowers. You can just about see the backdrop of pale yellow Primroses behind them

5. Double Snowdrop

double snowdrops

Talking of double Snowdrops being the opposite of simplicity, here’s a quick peek underneath.

6. Throwing Some Shapes

To celebrate the arrival of the Corydalis season, here’s a few pictures of some Corydalis pulling some snazzy moves. You’ll have to add your own music.

That’s all folks: enjoy your weekend!

18 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 5th February”

  1. Your corydalis are early to appear. Not a sign of one here yet. The snowdrops are in full bloom at present. The double-flowered snowdrops last longer because they are infertile, never set seed, and so last longer in flower.

    1. The Corydalis I’ve shown here are particularly early flowering. Good to know about the double snowdrops – that explains a lot!

  2. My double snowdrops always flower before the singles, don’t know why, but they always do, but the singles double up quicker. No sign of my corydalis yet, I have a while to wait.

    1. Interestingly, my doubles are quite prolific and are doubling up much quicker the the singles. It’s still quite early for the Corydalis – C. paczoskii is a particularly early one.

  3. Now I’ve got to drag myself out to see if I have any Corydalis showing, it would help if I’d marked where they were. Real harbingers of spring.

    1. Absolutely – it’s nice to see them make an appearance. I often think about marking plants, but it’s finding something suitably pleasing to mark them with. I’m not too keen on a garden full of plant labels!

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