Six on Saturday 30th October

Today, like most other Saturdays, I am joining with The Propagator and friends for another Six on Saturday. The clocks change this weekend, skewing the rapidly diminishing hours of daylight in favour mornings. Personally I don’t much mind when the hours fall; by this point in year it still gets light after I wake up and dark before I go to bed regardless of the hour time shift. Earlier this year my brother mentioned the EU were abolishing the twice-yearly clock changes as of 2021/2022 (depending on whether a country chose winter or summer hours): this was the first I’d heard of it but he was, of course, correct. Despite our unceremonious departure from the EU, this would also have affected us under the transition deal (although our dear Prime Minister doesn’t appear to put much store in honouring agreements). Anyway, the long and short of it is that with everything else going on, the EU has pretty much forgotten about the whole thing: the clock changes remain!

Back to the topic in hand:

1. Anemone sylvestris

six on Saturday anemone sylvestris

As it continues to bully the other plants in the owl-pine garden, Anemone sylvestris compensates for it’s behaviour by providing a bit of autumn loveliness. The shaggy seed heads gently waft about in the wind, of which we’ve had our fair share recently, adding a touch of whimsy to the corner of the garden it calls home. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to spread by seed; it does enough of that through it’s roots.

2. Owl Pot

six on saturday owl pot

While we’re in the owl-pine garden, here’s an owl.

3. Hesperantha coccinea

six on saturday hesperantha

The wet and mild weather of recent weeks has encouraged this young chap to put a bit more effort in. It had a slow and lacklustre start but has now really picked up it’s game. If the weather carries on as it is, we might be in for a vintage year, if a slightly soggy one.

4. Cyclamen coum

cyclamen coum

I was pleased to see a couple Cyclamen coum (I think) have seeded themselves next to a pot of mint. For reasons I’m unsure of, C. coum has never been able to thrive in my garden. I don’t know how they got to be here – ants probably – but they’re more than welcome all the same.

5. Mystery Body Parts

Last weekend I finally got round to sorting out the patio a little bit. When I was pulling the bedding out of one of the larger pots, I also pulled out the back half of an unidentified rodent. I was a little surprised to say the least. I think it’s a squirrel with the tail (and the top half of it’s body) missing, however I’m open to suggestions.

6. Begonias in a Bucket

Six on Saturday begonias

Back by popular demand: Flowers in a Bucket. Here are a few of the Begonias I took out of the patio pots. They still look pretty good but I wanted to get the winter bedding in; the Begonias will have to sit the tail end of the year out under the bench in the greenhouse.

That brings us to the end of today’s Six on Saturday. We’re off out for the weekend, so apologies if I’m unresponsive. Have a great weekend!

16 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 30th October”

  1. Now you mention Begonias, they have certainly lit up the front gardens I have been walking past, and the three I grew this year have performed so well, it got me wondering why on earth I had not grown them before! Was the rest of the body devoured by the Owl?

    1. The Begonias are pretty blousy, so I can appreciate that they’re not for everyone. The garden on the whole is a bet less ‘in-your-face’, but I always do a few bright and colourful pots on the patio.

      My theory is that a fox buried the mystery body in there. Back in the spring the pot had been disturbed, but I assumed it was squirrels messing around – I just readjusted the plants thought no more of it.

  2. Pretty funny owl pot ! Don’t you think it could be a rabbit ? The tail is too long ?
    Regarding the hesperantha, it’s a darker color than mine, quite beautiful too !

    1. I did wonder whether it might be a rabbit, but the bit of brown fur on the top of the paws makes me think it’s a squirrel (with a missing tail).

      The Hesperantha is great – especially so late in the year.

  3. Love the owl pot. I think you’re right about the Cyclamen coum as it’s round of leaf (something I only learnt last weekend when I was looking for some I planted last year and couldn’t remember what the difference was). I wasn’t prepared for the squirrel remains. Thankfully, breakfast had already been consumed!

    1. Ha! I should have put a warning at the start!

      Thanks for the Cylamen ID: I was reasonable sure, but it’s good to have a confirmation.

  4. I have cats, so I thought I’d had seen all there was to see regarding random bits of dead rodents, but your discovery is particularly gruesome. I’m still loving the flowers in a bucket theme and salute your inventiveness there.
    The hesperantha is lovely.

    1. It certainly surprised me!
      I’m afraid I might have reached the end of the flowers in a bucket – I’ve run out of options!

  5. Ha, the mystery body parts wins! Total bizarreness. I favour a different explanation: an animal (squirrel, rabbit, shrew) had a spare set of hind legs, and stashed the spare for a rainy day.

  6. I had entirely forgotten about the EU clock change proposal, interesting read, but it looks like the kind of thing no one will ever agree on: summer time or winter time all year round? Love that owl pot, and the colour of the hesperantha is lovely. The body parts – eeek – reminds me of the decapitated rat I found at the allotment. Happy Halloween!

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