Six on Saturday 2nd October

Welcome to another Six on Saturday! As usual, I am joining with The Propagator and chums in posting six photos of six things, on a Saturday. The petrol stations have been dry, but the gardens have been wet this week. Although it’s been a little soggy, the garden really needed the rain. Hopefully it will mean that some of the autumn flowering plants will have a good innings. Here we go:

1. Aconitum carmichaelii

This is possibly one of my finest filches. Slowly but surely, the year progresses and the Monk’s Hood heads ever skywards. Finally, as summer gives way to autumn, it produces an abundance of blue, kindly doing so at my eye height (6 foot 5, although technically my eyes are slightly lower than that). It really thrives in my garden, which duly irritates the client I got it from as it seems to struggle in her garden!

2. Michaelmas Daisy

This photo was indeed taken on Michaelmas. I’m afraid I have no idea about Asters and their names, so this is just ‘Little Purple Aster’. It’s style is being slightly cramped by some low lying branches of our next customer:

2. Fuchsia ‘Not Hawkshead’

Here’s the plant in question. Courtesy of Jim over at Garden Ruminations (see the comments section), I’ve discovered that this isn’t ‘Hawkshead’ as I’d previously thought. It puts on a good show though!

Now, to the greenhouse:

4. Cyclamen cilicium

We’re well into Cyclamen season now, and there are quite a few flowers on display in the greenhouse. Cyclamen cilicium is the pick of the bunch at the moment.

5. Oxalis

The spring and summer flowering Oxalis are drying out now for the winter, like Oxalis enneaphylla on the left. On right is Oxalis massoniana, which has just poked it’s head up. It was a new acquisition this year, so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.

6. Adlumia fungosa?

Hmm, what’s this? It’s certainly not Adlumia fungosa, which looks as follows:

I always think I’ve discovered an entirely new species when something like this crops up, but it’s inevitably something a little less exciting. At the moment I can’t quite figure out what it is, despite it seeming very familiar. Watch this space.

That just about finishes today’s post. Have a great weekend!

21 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 2nd October”

  1. The blue of the Aconitum is so striking. Mine have long since stopped flowering, but I think there is a lot of variety in the flowering times of the various cultivars. Not Hawkeshead looks great with those Periscaria.

    I heard that they were asking the Queen to step in to help with the petrol crisis, as she has truck-driving experience from the war.

    1. The Persicaria has been great this year – it flowered fairly early and has kept going ever since. The flowerhead dry out on the plant so they stay looking good for ages.

      I’m not much a monarchist, but lets face it: we could do with a steady hand in charge of this situation!

  2. Jim Stephens

    The sight of your Cyclamen cilicium should have lifted my spirits but has instead reminded me that I have one somewhere which I haven’t noticed to be flowering. I have a sinking feeling.

  3. Wonderful blue colour of the aconitum flower ! And I do like the white fuchsia… It’s a good year for them isn’t it?
    About your plant #6, my plant app says it could be Cardiospermum halicacabum ( I didn’t know it…)

    1. Yes, something about the weather has suited the Fuchsias.

      I don’t think it is a Cardiospermum (not that I know that plant!), but I’ll keep you updated.

  4. That Aconitum looks superb. I love the colour. I tried growing some from seed but the plants have failed to thrive. Wrong location I expect. Very sweet little cyclamen.

  5. Another admirer of the Aconitum here – that purpley-blue is great. Fuchsia ‘Not Hawkshead’ is a beauty. A friend has given me cuttings of Hawkshead and Whiteknights Pearl. If they make it to flowerhood I’ll have to double check they are what they’re supposed to be.

    1. Whiteknights Pearl – I’ve just looked it up and that could quite well be what mine is! Jim pointed out that Hawkshead is pure white (and mine has a bit of pink in it). That could well be a mystery solved!

    1. Ha! The label printer has proved to be a great investment – the labels are really weather proof and don’t fade or peel off. Now I just need to work out a way of stopping the magpies pulling them out…

  6. Your photo of the Aconitum shows such a gorgeous blue, I really must find some for my garden. It has been a good year for fuchsias hasn’t it, I can’t remember when mine have all flowered so well before. I have a F. magellanica alba whose flowers are a bit on the pink side, don’t know if that helps or not!

  7. The Aconitum is indeed beautiful, though rather sinister looking. I had no idea they got so tall! The Fuschia is also lovely – through those featured in the Six on Saturdays blogs, I have developed an appreciation of their delicate flowers, like little Victorian earrings. I particularly like the subtle coloration of “Not Hawkshead.”

    1. This variety is particularly tall – I’m not sure how tall they generally grow to, but this one does seem particularly lofty!

      The Fuschias have been great this year πŸ™‚

  8. Yes, the Aconitm is a fabulous shade of blue. It’s a plant I’m unfamiliar with and I see it’s also fabulously poisonous! The fuchsia is also gorgeous, festooned with flowers as it is.

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