Six on Saturday 26th June

Good morning, it’s Six on Saturday time again! As ever, The Propagator will be the place to access a whole host of other Six on Saturday posts. For my part, the garden is looking pretty good at the moment, and it’s getting tricky to pick which plants to feature. In the end, I’ve settled for this bunch:

1. Digitalis ‘Goldcrest’

six on saturday foxglove

A bumblebee was enjoying this fine hybrid foxglove during a brief spell of sunshine. This is a lovely plant, I believe it’s a cross between Digitalis grandiflora and D. obscura. It’s sterile, so it flowers away all summer long, rather than going to seed.

2. Oxalis magnifica

Here’s another Oxalis from the greenhouse. It’s a pretty eccentric looking thing: lovely flowers standing almost a foot above it’s tiny pot and insignificant leaves. I thought it was dead as it didn’t emerge ’til last week. Since then, it’s shot up like a rocket.

3. Penstemon ‘Garnet’

six on Saturday penstemon

I have a few of these lovely Penstemons dotted around the garden, all grown from cuttings. So reliable and undemanding.

4. Francoa sonchifolia

six on saturday Francoa

Sitting just next to the Penstemon is this almost-flowering Francoa. It’s a lovely perennial, with whitish-pink flower spikes and Gerbera-like leaves. I was quite taken with the way it waves for attention in front of the attention grabbing Foxglove and Lupins. Look at me!

5. Silene uniflora ‘Alba’

The original plant is sitting across the patio on the rockery, but this plant has made a home for itself below the patio doors. It’s a great plant, with the fused sepals staying in place long after the petals drop off.

6. Corydalis ophiocarpa

Probably best described as a curiosity, I’m very much enjoying this plant at the moment. It’s crinkled seed pods develop at the bottom of the stem, while the flowers are still going strong at the top. It tends to stick it’s stems out at strange angles, giving it a very peculiar appearance.

That’s all for today, thanks for popping by. Enjoy your weekend!

16 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 26th June”

  1. I do like a bit of peculiar and so love the odd corydalis. Lovely oxalis too and the colour of the digitalis is wonderful, definitely one to look out for. Have a great week.

  2. The foxgloves that you presented to us look smaller in size than the common ones : aren’t they? Otherwise thank you for showing us this Oxalis magnifica because I have a plant that looks like it and I didn’t know what it was

    1. Yes this one’s smaller. It’s particularly small this year, I think because it was a bit dry when it was starting to come into growth.

  3. Penstemon ‘Garnet’ does add a lovely splash of vivid colour to the garden. It’s one of the few plants I can easily take cuttings of! The foxglove is very striking indeed.

  4. I had Penstemon Garnet in south London, I loved it and gave a cutting to my MIL, who then took a cutting for me to take back to Bxl but I haven’t been able to go collect it and not entirely sure it’s legal to take it across anymore. Lovely colour anyway, likewise that foxglove and I do like the Francoa, that must be a fairly unusual plant as I haven’t seen it around anywhere.

    1. Yes, I’m not sure what the rules are about transporting plants into/out of the UK now. It’s more complicated, that’s for sure!

      The Francoa is a little uncommon, but quite an easy going plant. Worth seeking out.

  5. Beautiful penstemon. Mine are all suddenly showing their colours now. Some quite unusual varieties as well. Interesting Six-on-Saturday.

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