Six on Saturday 25th September

It’s Six on Saturday time again, led as ever by the inimitable Propagator. This week is a bit of a last minute one; time marches ever onwards and doesn’t wait around for us to catch up! Here’s my Six:

1. Ipomoea purpurea

Six on Saturday ipomoea purpurea

Here’s a little chance seedling that has cropped up again the whitewashed wall of next door’s outhouse. I can’t get enough of it’s mesmerising flowers, so whilst I didn’t put it there, it’s more than welcome to stay.

2. Peppers

Six on Saturday peppers

Also against the White Wall is this lovely sweet pepper plant. I needed to clear the bench in the greenhouse, so I put the pepper plants against the wall to allow the fruit to finish ripening. The plant has had enough now but tt’s certainly done the job: if only I could remember the name of the variety, I’d be able to grow it again next year!

3. Sagina subulata ‘Aurea’

sagina subulata six on saturday

While we’re next to the White Wall (which you may or may not remember is a dumping ground for any odds and ends I don’t know where else to put), I was pleased to see this little chap just about surviving. I bought it because it’s a close relative of Sagina procumbens, also known as Pearlwort, also known as ‘that mossy stuff that grows between the paving slabs’. Sometimes my curiosity gets the better of me.

4. Hebe

Before we leave the White Wall, here’s a picture of a little job that needs sorting at some point. This Hebe is a particularly fine variety which I grew from a cutting (hence not knowing it’s full name). The leaves you can see clearly enough; the flowers are few and far between this year. They are particularly long, and start out blue, fading to white as they age. There was always a time limit on how long I could keep this plant here: when mature it makes a pretty substantial shrub. After flowering, I cut it back quite hard to keep it small, but I can see it’s had enough of this treatment, putting out lots of foliage but only a few flowers, and very late ones at that. What I can’t decide is whether to start again with a cutting of the same plant, or replace it with something else entirely.

5. Cosmos


I featured my freely obtained Cosmos on a Six on Saturday a couple of weeks ago and since then, this frilly little number has opened up to join in the fun.

6. Grapes

grapes six on saturday

Along with most other things in my garden, this one was a freebie. It’s really more of an ornamental vine – the grapes are small and very seedy. It does make me wonder whether I could do well with a proper dessert variety, but for now I’m sticking to my free plants.

That’s all for today’s Six on Saturday, thanks for popping by. Enjoy your weekend!

9 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 25th September”

  1. That’s the first photo of a healthy vine I’ve seen this year – here the harvest has been a disaster, and in my garden I avert my eyes when walking past the poor vine. Too much humidity. Those peppers look lovely, well all you have to do is save some seed and then you can grow them again next year. 🙂

    1. With the Pepper, I think that might be the best thing to do.

      I’m surprised the Vine does so well, leading such a life of neglect! Most other things in that border are starting to suffer from next door’s rather neglected and overgrown garden, but the Vine doesn’t seem to mind at all.

  2. That Cosmos is lovely – and a bit different too with its circle like flowers. I really must grown some Ipomoea purpurea next year – their centers seem to glow somehow.

  3. Well done for grapes! This year there was really nothing here: the cold destroyed everything and the birds finished the work…
    Very pretty ipomoea and charming cosmos
    Concerning the hebe, it’s really a shrub that I love but which doesn’t work here…( soil? weather?…)

    1. That’s interesting about Hebes – around here they’re pretty reliable (depending on the variety of course). They can dry out if it gets very hot, so maybe they prefer a slightly more Maritime climate, rather than continental.

  4. My folks used to grow grapes like that. Even the kids wouldn’t eat them! Those peppers look really good – you are going to have to find that seed packet as they look worth growing again.

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