Six on Saturday 22nd May

It’s Six on Saturday time once again! The Propagator will be hosting all manner of bloggy-types, so pop over there to take in the sights and sounds of people being all Six-y on a Saturday. As far as I’m concerned, things are pretty busy in a gently-ticking-along sort of way. Bustling along might be an apt description. Here are my Six:

1. Iris germanica ” ‘Loop the Loop’ “

I started a Six on Saturday post with this a couple of weeks ago, and the first flower has opened up now. It was bought as ‘Loop the Loop’ but evidently isn’t (it’s meant to look like this), hence the sarcastic inverted commas. I don’t mind too much, as it grows well and still looks very nice. The flowers are coping admirably with the downpours we’ve been having.

2. Lamprocapnos spectabilis ” ‘Cupid’ “

Six on Saturday Lamprocapnos spectabilis cupid

Yes, that’s right. I’m bringing out the sarcastic inverted commas again. This was bought as ‘Cupid’, but looks suspiciously like plain old L. spectabilis. It was supposed to be a pale pink, but I think they probably just had a smudge on their spectacles when they named it, and thought they’d discovered something new.

3. Double-flowered Muscari armeniacum

Talking of new discoveries: I thought I’d found something new to science with this one. I was at work, doing my best impression of someone who doesn’t mind working in the pouring rain, when I came upon this curiosity. It was growing in the midst of some semi-naturalised Grape Hyacinth, and appears to be a spontaneous mutation. I had a bit of a Twitter conversation with Gardeneasta (who has a rather excellent Muscari-and-relatives based website), and discovered that it wasn’t really a new thing. I’m still pretty pleased with my find though!

4. Pulsatilla vulgaris ‘Alba’

six on saturday pulsatilla

Now here’s a plant that looks as good when it’s going to seed as it does in flower. Noice!

5. Corydalis buschii

six on saturday buschii

I know what you’re thinking: it’s about time we had a Corydalis. Well here you are. C. buschii is a lovely little woodland-dwelling thing. It waits ’til all the Springtime drama is over, then sneaks in and charms your socks off. North Korea doesn’t get a lot of good press, but here’s something good to have come out of it.

6. Common Fumitory (Fumaria officinalis)

One of my favourite weeds, clambering up through the remains of the Wallflowers. I’ve got some really good ones on the allotment, but didn’t have my camera with me. I don’t suppose they mind.

Thus ends today’s Six on Saturday. Don’t forgot to pop over to The Propagator to read some more Six on Saturday posts. Enjoy your weekend!

14 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 22nd May”

  1. Very nice iris and these Muscari armeniacum are gorgeous. Yours are potted while mine are still in the ground ( and late…) Have a good weekend.

    1. It is a nice one. It’s only in a pot so I could make sure I don’t lose it. I’ll plant it in the garden when the bulbs have bulked up a bit.

  2. I too love the way you describe the Pulsatilla vulgaris ‘Alba’, similar to the words of admiration coming my way from Mr S this week. Also you play on punctuation.

  3. ‘Ooooh’ to the Corydalis buschii and ‘ahhhhh’ to the iris (even if it’s not as advertised!) Seedheads can be vastly underrated – I must inspect those of my Pulsatilla later when it stops raining.

  4. As you may remember, I succumbed to the Pulsatilla Alba after seeing it on your blog and bought one, I’d better go and check it for seedheads – though I think it’ll be a couple of years before it sports as many as yours. I can see why the Common Fumitory is one of your favourite weeds, such delicate charms.

    1. The Pulsatilla seems to be going from strength to strength at the moment. It’s in a very sunny spot and seems to like it!

  5. Some very interesting and unusual plants today. Most are new to me. The corydalis is a lovely colour.

  6. The excitement of your discovery must have been quite enjoyable. Not new to science, but new to you, which is still pretty good. Excellent photographs of the misnamed iris. Pulsatilla is a wonder and new to me.

    1. You’re right – new to me is good enough!

      The Pulsatilla is a great plant – they’re a fairly popular alpine plant over here.

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