Six on Saturday 15th January

Why hello there! Time for another Six on Saturday, courtesy of The Propagator as per usual. It’s been a pretty fine week here in Birmingham: cold and frosty mornings, followed by glorious sunshine and a hint of warmth. Lovely stuff. Here’s my Six:

1. Pansy with Raindrops

Six on Saturday pansy raindrops

I headed into the garden to take some pictures and had my eye caught by this little chap. The flower is on it’s way out with the petals beginning to collapse; it did make a rather nice backdrop for the raindrops though.

2. Cyclamen intaminatum seedlings

Here are a few seedlings showing a spot of variation in form.

  1. White flowers (with a hint of pink), unmarked leaves, plenty of flowers and leaves.
  2. Pinkish flowers, nicely marked and suitable tiny leaves, slightly messy growth.
  3. Pinkish flower, slightly marked leaves, bigger leaves and flowers but fewer of them.

Just goes to show the potential variation when growing from seed.

3. Corydalis ahoy!

six on saturday corydalis purple beauty

If you look carefully you can see a bit of yellowy green, just above the centre of the pot. The outside ‘Purple Beauty’s are not far behind (this is one’s in the greenhouse), so we should soon be well into Corydalis season: exciting times!

4. Sarcococca hookeriana

six on saturday sarcococca hookeriana

This poor thing is battling on underneath and behind two other shrubs. It’s leaning over dramatically, trying to find a bit of space for itself, but it perseveres gamely. I do need to find a better spot for this little winter gem.

5. Pulsatilla vulgaris

six on saturday pulsatilla vulgaris

Amid the nest of last year’s usually-tidied-away-by-now growth sit the plump, hairy buds of this year’s shoots. It doesn’t seem to matter what the time of year is, this plant always provides a bit of interest. With hair on.

6. Erigeron karvinskianus

erigeron karvinskianus

This cheery little daisy sits at the back of the owl-pine garden. I hadn’t really noticed until this week that it seems to be clinging on to it’s flowers and generally having a good time.

Well that’s it for this week: short and sweet. Have an excellent weekend!

12 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 15th January”

  1. Great shot with the droplets on the pansy petals!
    I also liked the colour variations of the cyclamens. The flowers of mine from seedlings will soon open! ( rather pinkish right now, seeing the first colours )

  2. The signs of new life, whether from seeds or the reemergence of fresh new shoots, never grows old. I echo what Fred said regarding the droplets on petals photo. Great owl planter.

  3. Seems like Birmingham and Brussels have had very similar weather, it has been lovely as you say. I echo Graeme and Fred’s comments on the pretty raindrops photo, I love that shade of deep purple. I must now go out and check for signs of Pulsatilla – however mine seems to have lost its hair!

    1. Growing from seed is a good way to do it as long as you sow the seed fresh. I’d be more than happy to send you some when we get to that point in the year. You’ll have to remind me!

    1. I think sometimes it’s just a bit of luck with the lighting that brings out the best in a picture. It turned out well anyway!

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