Six on Saturday 13th November

It’s Six on Saturday time again, led as ever by The Propagator. Seeing as we’re so thoroughly and truly into autumn now (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway), I thought I’d take the opportunity to focus on some the hints and tints of seasonal colour in the garden. I think most of these plants have featured in a previous Six on Saturday, mostly for the flowers. It being a modest sized garden, I’m running out of new things to feature; we might as well view the same plants in a different light.

1. Parthenocissus quinquefolia

six on saturday virginia creeper

The creeper continues to deepen in colour, nicely framing the view from the kitchen window with rich autumnal hues.

2. Hydrangea quercifolia

six on saturday hydrangea

This one has been making regular appearances this year, attractive thing that it is. It seems to have a trick up it’s sleeve for any season.

3. Physocarpus opufolius ‘Diablo’

six on saturday diablo

Hanging on to both it’s leaves and it’s deep purpleness; the Physocarpus is sticking around for as long as it can manage. It’s another plant that earns it’s place in all seasons: long lasting leaves, coloured stems, flaky bark and abundant flowers.

4. Lobelia cardinalis

six on saturday lobelia

The leaves on the Lobelia have started to take on a mottling of purple. I’d not really noticed this attractive feature before; it’s extended it’s season of interest well beyond it’s flowering.

5. Cornus sanguinea ‘Midwinter Fire’

cornus midwinter fire

The rather pleasant yellow colour of the Dogwood hasn’t come out too well in the photo; in real life it’s doing a grand job of brightening up it’s little corner of the garden. This has taken a while to settle in – I couldn’t decide where to put it for such a long time that it became pot bound. I gave it the necessary root prunage upon planting; short term pain for long term gain. It’s finally beginning to forgive me for it’s abominable treatment.

6. Thalictrum delavayi


The Thalictrum is adding a smattering of yellow to the greenery of the (still flowering) Fuchsia. It always grows at a bit of a jaunty angle, but I’ll let if off seeing as it is so generous with all of it’s other subtle qualities.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend!

16 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 13th November”

  1. Great autumn colours. A shrub that has a trick up its sleeve for every season is always a bonus, especially in a smaller garden. Also nice to the see the Fuchsia again.

  2. Good idea to have added lobelia cardinalis leaves! I have to take a look at mine to see the attractive colours that I never imagined before

  3. There is still some great colour in those leaves, and form in the shrubs in your garden. I particularly like the Hydrangea.

  4. There’s nearly always something happening in a garden, the trick is to see it as something interesting and then, at least for the task in hand, to capture it as an image in usually poor light at this time of year. If that tests us a bit then that’s a good thing, and you scored six from six. The brighter light behind the Physocarpus would make that my pick I think.

    1. I do like the Physocarpus photo, although the focus annoys me slightly (I had just nipped out with the fixed focal length lens on – I should have been less lazy and changed it).

      The light certainly is a bit of a problem at the moment. The last couple of weeks I’ve taken the photos on the Sunday before – during the week I don’t see the garden in daylight!

  5. I have a bit of a weakness for purple-leaved plants so am taken with a few here, especially the physocarpus as it looks so richly coloured. Nice selection of plants in flux.

    1. I do very much like the Physocarpus. Ultimately it’s probably a bit big for where it is (unless I forego the flowers and keep it for foliage and stems alone), but for the time being it’s doing a great job.

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