Dicentra formosa ‘Moorland Mist’


Dicentra ‘Aurora’ is a white-flowered Dicentra hybrid. It thrives in woodland soils, as well as being tough enough to grow well in a much wider range of situations.

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Dicentra formosa ‘Moorland Mist’ is a delightful light pink flowered Dicentra that thrives in a wide range of situations. The flowers arrive in late spring and are produced generously thoughout the year when conditions are favourable. I have found ‘Moorland Mist’ to be slightly smaller in stature than other D. formosa cultivars, but it’s pale pink flowers stand out regardless.

dicentra formosa moorland mist

Dicentra formosa is a native of the far side of Northern America: from British Columbia down to California. It grows in the loamy soils of moist woodland, and does best in similar soils here in the UK (I grow it under deciduous shade in soil annually enriched with leaf mould). The species has been in cultivation in the UK, in one form or another, since the late 18th Century, with the varieties and cultivars available having proliferated in recent years.

Dicentra formosa map

Information on ‘Moorland Mist’ is fairly scant; as far as I can surmise, it originated from Moorland Cottage Plants in South West Wales. Despite it’s elusive origins, it has been an excellent grower for me. This year (2021) it has thrived in our unpredictable weather where several others have struggled.

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Dicentra formosa ‘Moorland Mist‘s Happy Place is to be slowly growing into and creeping through fresh new soil. With it’s exploratory rhizomes staying near the surface, it’s not difficult to contain it should that be your desire. It is a very obliging plant for the gardener: reliable and tough, with a long flowering period and an easy going disposition. Here it grows in the shade, but it has a reputation for being one of the best Dicentras for sunny spots.

Flower colour

Pink fading to white

Flowering period

April to September, with a main flush in May

Height and spread (cm)

20 x 30

Delivered as...

9cm pot


Light shade. Loamy, moist soil.


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