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Corydalis solida


A tuberous species of Corydalis which produces an abundance of purple flowers in early spring. Fully hardy and unfussy, a choice addition to the spring garden.

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Much is made of the various cultivars of Corydalis solida, and sometimes the plain old species itself gets forgotten about. This is paradoxically both understandable and regrettable. It doesn’t posses the bold colours and showiness of some of it’s cultivars, but that doesn’t, in my eyes, undermine it’s own understated appeal.

Corydalis solida etymology


Corydalis solida, sometimes also known as ‘bird-in-a-bush‘ can be found across large swathes of the Eastern half of Europe. There are numerous subspecies and variations, but the most common variety is what is offered here. My own stock of bulbs has been increased by seed, so there should be a good about of variation in the genes of the plant. If you allow the inevitable seedlings to grow, you can let nature take it’s course and will end up with plants that are the most suited to your own garden conditions.

Corydalis solida map


Corydalis solida has purple flowers and ferny, soft-green foliage. It multiplies well by multiplying tubers and produces plentiful amount of seed which can be collected, or left to it’s own devices. It is possibly the most subtle of the available Corydalis, providing a blanket of spring colour against which showier plants can be grown. 

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Amongst the tuberous Corydalis, Corydalis solida is fairly ubiquitous. To my mind this is with good reason! Whether you are aiming to create a carpet of spring colour, or aiming to embark on your own breeding projects, this is an excellent plant for the garden.

Flower colour


Flowering period

March to April

Height and spread (cm)

20 x 20

Delivered as...

Bare root tuber


Sun to light shade. Fertile, well drained soil.


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