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Corydalis solida ‘Early Pink’


Corydalis solida ‘Early Pink’ is a strong purple flowering cultivar. A reliable and easy growing addition to any spring garden.

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Corydalis solida ‘Early Pink’ is a very early flowering Corydalis that brings a bright pink colour to the garden when little else has begun to get going. It’s flowers start white with pink lips, before settling down to a bright pink.


corydalis solida early pink

‘Early Pink’ is an excellent plant which was miss-sold to me as a red-flowered Corydalis several years ago. I suspect it is a seedling which accidentally found it’s way into cultivation; I couldn’t claim the credit myself. As a result, I have given it the rather unimaginative name ‘Early Pink’. To provide a longer period of flower, it works well as a precursor to the widely available ‘Beth Evans‘.

Here in Birmingham, I grow all of the C. solida cultivars in raised beds enriched with leaf mould every year. An oak tree provides shade at the tail end of spring, but for most of it’s growing period, the plants get full morning sun. I have found Corydalis to be quite forgiving of soil type, but moisture retentive but well drained soil seems to serve them well.

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Corydalis solida ‘Early Pink’ is perhaps one of the most colourful of the early flowering Corydalis cultivars. It may have been a chance discovery, but it is fast becoming an indispensable part of my collection.

Flower colour

White and pink, fading to pink

Flowering period

February to March

Height and spread (cm)

20 x 20

Delivered as...

Bare root tuber


Sun to light shade. Fertile, well drained soil.


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