Corydalis paczoskii

The titular Corydalis has been up and about for a few weeks now, flailing around in the exceptionally stormy weather that the second half of February has brought. Since it’s been living with me here in Birmingham, Corydalis paczoskii has always been an early riser; it obviously doesn’t mind taking it’s chances with Ol’ Blighty’s […]

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Six on Saturday 22nd January

Top o’ the morning to you. Or indeed afternoon or evening. Another week has been and gone (where it went I’m not sure), bringing us back round to another Saturday and another Six things from the garden. The Propagator is, as usual, presenting many other Six on Saturday offerings so do pop over and take

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Six on Saturday 15th January

Why hello there! Time for another Six on Saturday, courtesy of The Propagator as per usual. It’s been a pretty fine week here in Birmingham: cold and frosty mornings, followed by glorious sunshine and a hint of warmth. Lovely stuff. Here’s my Six: 1. Pansy with Raindrops I headed into the garden to take some

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Six on Saturday 8th January

Welcome to this week’s edition of Six on Saturday. As usual, head editor The Propagator will be overseeing all this week’s entries: a cut here, a rewrite there, a new headline and a good yell about missed deadlines. I imagine. Usually I’m a bit of a traditionalist in the garden; as soon as most of

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Stone Circle Hunting

To see in the New Year, we headed up to Bakewell with some friends. We arrived on New Year’s Eve: we ate, we drank, we made merry, we almost forgot when midnight was, at some point we finally went to bed. Morning was hot on the heels of bedtime but we awoke bushy tailed nonetheless,

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Six on Saturday 1st January

Whoops: it appears I missed December! In actual fact I was completely present for all of December, simply not in my virtual form. As I mentioned in my post the other day, in the weeks preceding Christmas I barely saw the garden in daylight which did make taking pictures a little impractical. I return to

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Poor Uprooted Old Thing

It’s been a little while since I’ve written anything; Christmas has a tendency to envelop and consume all other activities at this time of year. Outside of work hours the weekdays have been dark, and the weekends have been filled with various seasonal Bits and Bobs. The end result is an almost total neglect of

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Six on Saturday 20th November

Hello and good morning; or indeed afternoon, evening or night. It’s time I joined again with The Propagator in the weekly display of Six Things on a Saturday. Following on from last week’s foliage fest, I’ve spotted a few more autumn colours worthy of inclusion, so we’ll start with those: 1. Resplendent Ribes The Ribes

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