Corydalis malkensis

Corydalis malkensis is one of the more obliging, and horticulturally respected of the tuberous Corydalis. Diminutive in size, but profuse in flower, it’s elegance belies it’s ease of cultivation. Horticultural Accolades This Corydalis originally hails from that treasure trove of bulb forming plants, The Caucasus, with the species being named after the Malka River, in […]

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Corydalis integra

With Corydalis integra now in full growth, I thought I’d do a post about this unfussy but charming plant. It is a close relative of the better known and more widely grown Corydalis solida, and it looks very similar too. The ‘integra’ of it’s name (latin for whole or entire) refers to the bracts (the

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Six on Saturday 30th January

It’s been a pretty varied week here in Brum: heavy snow on Sunday, almost reaching -5 degrees overnight; mild by the end of the week, just about getting above 10 degrees during the day. Whilst the weather is changeable, Six on Saturday is not: another Saturday, another Six horticultural highlights. Even more highlights are available

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Myrmecochory, or, Ants!

As promised in last week’s Weedy Weekday post, today’s subject is myrmecochory, otherwise known as seed dispersal by ants. Myrmecochory The use of ants in dispersing seeds is a relatively common phenomenon, despite not being something that is as widely acknowledged as, say, wind dispersal. (Wind dispersal is referred to as ‘anemochory’, if you’re interested).

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Six on Saturday 23rd January

Happy weekend and welcome to another Six on Saturday. I am again joining with The Propagator and the other Six on Saturday folks in presenting you with six photos of garden-ish things. After last week’s indoor alternative, I have ventured back in to the garden to seek out the Orphic emergence from the underworld of

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