Tree Following – April 2021

At the crack of dawn on a rather moody looking Easter Monday, I stumbled, bleary eyed, down to Rookery Park for this month’s Tree Following (previous Tree Followings are available here, here and here). Upon reaching my destination, the park was completely deserted. Even in the early mornings, there are usually a few dog walkers

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Six on Saturday 3rd April

Once again, The Propagator leads us headlong into another Six on Saturday. As an Easter Treat, I’m replacing the first item on my list with a video. I hope you can forgive me for starting in such a contrary manner… 1. A Video Introduction Well that was jolly. 2. Alpine Garden Society – Rock Plants

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Six on Saturday 27th March

Well it’s that time again: Six photos of plant-related things on a Saturday. You can, of course, find many more Six on Saturday posts by visiting The Propagator. After last week’s Corydalis-fest, this week I’m featuring a couple of non-Corydalis highlights from the garden, before heading out to the allotment. We’ve had some pretty nice

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Six on Saturday 20th March

Why hello there, it’s Six on Saturday time again! This week, I am particularly pushed for time: work, self-imposed decorating deadlines and such. As a result, this is going to be quite brief. More photos, less chit-chat; a Six on Saturday in it’s purest form. For a more immersive SoS experience, head over to The

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Dicentra ‘Aurora’

It’s that time of year: the Dicentras are beginning to emerge after their winter nap, and Dicentra ‘Aurora’ is no exception. Unlike it’s Disney©® Ltd. namesake, Dicentra ‘Aurora’ does not owe it’s identity primarily to it’s tendency to sleep. Neither does it await salvation by a stranger, to awaken it from it’s slumber. Indeed, it

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Six on Saturday 13th March

Good morning and welcome to another Six on Saturday. As ever, The Propagator will be hosting a variety of other Six on Saturday posts, so do pop over and have a look. For myself, today marks a return to working on Saturdays, so if I don’t seem very responsive don’t worry: I’ll catch up later

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Tree Following – March 2021

Hello and welcome to another Tree Following! To find out more about said Following, click on the image below, whereupon you will be transported to Squirrelbasket’s website and all will become clear. For my part, I paid another visit to our avenue of Lime trees in Rookery Park. The Avenue You can compare and contrast

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Six on Saturday 6th March

It’s back to school next week (for everyone else in my household anyway), so come in, sit down and be quiet: it’s time for another Six on Saturday. Eyes to the front or I’ll send you to Mr Propagator’s office. Let’s begin the lesson. 1. Sempervivums in a teapot Well that’s that. 2. Pulsatilla vulgaris

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