Corydalis sightings

I had fully intended to do a Corydalis update in January – there seemed to be plenty of time to take in the scant floral offerings of midwinter – but as usual, time marched onwards with complete disregard for my plans. So here we are in February. A couple of mild spells have brought the early Corydalis on apace so there’s more than plenty going on.

In the greenhouse

Firstly, the section Leonticoides Corydalis in the greenhouse (unheated – the greenhouse mostly serves to help control the amount and timing of water) are all alive. I consider this a great success as they have a reputation for being a little bit tricky. Based on my extremely limited experience, the most important thing seems to be keeping them dry when they’re dormant. I have two pots of Corydalis popovii from different sources, one is the first to show itself in the greenhouse, the other is the last to do so.

C. sewerzovii also gets going pretty early and generously provides plentiful, bold yellow flowers. Compared to the other Leonticoides Corydalis I have it looks more robust and rugged: thicker leaves, larger flowers – a brashness that contrasts with the others’ finesse.

Corydalis sewerzovii

A little way behind are C. verticillaris and ledebouriana. They’re only just showing themselves, so more on these little blighters at a later date.

In the garden

Last weekend I spied the first tuberous Corydalis out in the garden – Corydalis paczoskii. Before I got around to documenting it here, a week has sneaked by, and it’s now in flower.

Not only this, but there are Corydalis a-cropping up all over the place.

Corydalis shoots

How fun! I’ll do my level best to sustain a reasonable level of blogging throughout the season and show a few highlights here. As well as general updates, there a few other plant related thingies that I’d like to write about and I’ve also come across some old posts from last year that I never published. As always, plenty to see and plenty to do – thanks for popping by!

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