Important Flower Update

Here’s another attempt to try and document a little of the goings on in the garden. It’s a doomed attempt, of course; even noticing everything that happens at this time of year is difficult enough, let alone photographing and writing about it. In fact part of this post was written about a month ago: I’d […]

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Corydalis and Dicentra flowers

I have repeatedly stated that Corydalis and Dicentra are closely related (and form either the family Fumariaceae, or the subfamily Fumarioideae, depending on who you ask). This may leave you asking many questions, such as “Are you sure?”, “How so?”, and “Can you leave me alone?”. While Dicentra and Corydalis flowers may look dissimilar, they

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Dicentra ‘Aurora’

It’s that time of year: the Dicentras are beginning to emerge after their winter nap, and Dicentra ‘Aurora’ is no exception. Unlike it’s Disney©® Ltd. namesake, Dicentra ‘Aurora’ does not owe it’s identity primarily to it’s tendency to sleep. Neither does it await salvation by a stranger, to awaken it from it’s slumber. Indeed, it

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