It’s been a while…

…since I wrote anything here, or even remotely thought about it. As I am sure you’re acutely aware, Things have a habit of Happening; sometimes unexpected, sometimes anticipated, they happen all the same. Sometimes these Things take up more time than you thought they might. Regardless, I intend to begin this year in the same […]

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Autumn Adventures

From our bedroom window, at the rear of the house, I can let my eyes settle idly across the garden; to observe, admire, scheme, admonish and other such Things; or I can raise my gaze a little to take in the playing fields beyond. I could, I suppose, go even further; focus higher and further

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Dactylicapnos torulosa

Dactylicapnos torulosa is a fascinating annual climber. It is often slow to start in the Birmingham climate I am growing it in, but it soon cracks on once the weather warms up. Once it gets going, it provides plentiful, pendant, yellow flowers. A novel feature, which extends it’s season of interest, are the twisted red

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Roots: an Appendix

Last week’s rootling around left one rather significant stone unturned: Corydalis tubers. A significant number of the Corydalis genus form tubers of some description to see them through the hard times. For many of them these hard times mean the searingly hot summers and witheringly cold winters of Eastern Europe and Central Asia; really only

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Myrmecochory, or, Ants!

As promised in last week’s Weedy Weekday post, today’s subject is myrmecochory, otherwise known as seed dispersal by ants. Myrmecochory The use of ants in dispersing seeds is a relatively common phenomenon, despite not being something that is as widely acknowledged as, say, wind dispersal. (Wind dispersal is referred to as ‘anemochory’, if you’re interested).

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