Important Flower Update

Here’s another attempt to try and document a little of the goings on in the garden. It’s a doomed attempt, of course; even noticing everything that happens at this time of year is difficult enough, let alone photographing and writing about it. In fact part of this post was written about a month ago: I’d

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Corydalis Things

Blimey! Possibly even Gadzooks! for the Tintin aficionados amongst you. Spring has pounced upon the dozily slumbering garden with the glee of a toddler jumping on their hungover parents’ bed. It seems to have come round earlier than usual this year but after perusing photos of previous years I’m not sure this is the case.

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Winter flowering shrubs

I wrote this post a few weeks ago. Since then quite a few plants have begun to flower in the mild weather, so what appears below doesn’t seem quite so noteworthy. At the time of writing there were no other flowers to be seen! Anyway, here we go: Winter certainly isn’t the peak time of

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Corydalis sightings

I had fully intended to do a Corydalis update in January – there seemed to be plenty of time to take in the scant floral offerings of midwinter – but as usual, time marched onwards with complete disregard for my plans. So here we are in February. A couple of mild spells have brought the

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It’s been a while…

…since I wrote anything here, or even remotely thought about it. As I am sure you’re acutely aware, Things have a habit of Happening; sometimes unexpected, sometimes anticipated, they happen all the same. Sometimes these Things take up more time than you thought they might. Regardless, I intend to begin this year in the same

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Early risers

The following was written in early February: Outside in the garden, as opposed to inside in the greenhouse where those prima donnas from section Leonticoides dwell, there are flowers beginning to appear. The tuberous members of the genus have been slowly heading upwards since the autumn, biding their time before shooting above ground in early

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Evergreen Corydalis

Before we get really stuck in to the abundance of flowers that is surely headed our way, I thought I’d take a moment to appreciate the vegetative qualities of a few Corydalis. Right through the winter, there have been a few evergreen Corydalis that have provided some interest through the darkest months of the year.

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Signs of life, Part II

At the start if January the big news was the emergence of Corydalis ledebouriana. I mentioned that a few of the other Corydalis from section Leonticoides were on their way up and here’s the proof: Corydalis ledebouriana, popovii, sewerzowii and verticillaris are all now definitely alive. Much rejoicing and clapping of hands has taken place.

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