My name is Andrew, and Kind Hearts and Corydalis is the online home of my small collection of plants. I have a particular penchant for Corydalis, Dicentras, Lamprocapnos (“Bleeding Hearts”) and friends. By day I look after other peoples gardens, by night I look after my own.

The collection began in 2012 on the balcony of a flat in Birmingham and has since moved, along with it’s owner/responsible adult, to a garden (also in Birmingham). For obvious reasons, having a garden has allowed a little room for expansion.

The general ethos is one of giving the plants the best growing conditions possible without pampering them too much; all of them are grown outside where they brave the UK’s peculiar winters and unpredictable summers. As a result, the plants that thrive are the ones that suit our climate, rather than delicate specimens that will struggle to grow in most UK gardens.

I have been trying my hand at selling a few plants, tubers and seeds online, but that particular project is currently on hold. For now I’m just enjoying growing and experimenting. Along the way I’ll be sharing the highlights, as well as the failures, for your distraction and entertainment.

Thanks for popping by, and don’t forget to follow me here or on social media to see how I’m getting on!